AVDC designs custom audio visual systems for Business, Education and Entertainment.
Our goal is to identify your needs, carefully engineer a system that will seamlessly assimalate into your environment, and install it with care and consideration.

Once a design has been chosen, a Project Manager is assigned to the project.
At this time communication is opened between the PM and the Client Contact,
If this is new construction contact is also made with Contractor Forman and relevant
Subs i.e. Electrician, Carpenter etc. At this point a site survey is conducted and
purchasing is initiated. Also, at this time a start work date is discused with all parties
concerned. Generally, from this point, for smaller jobs one to two weeks and larger
three to six weeks.

During the time between the site survey and work start, the buyers, engineers and technicians are preparing the project behind the scenes. The buyer, carefully reviews
the equipment list to prevent delays from missed components and pings the manufacturers on product availability, in the case of legnthy back orders the PM will determine if there is a suitable subsititution for the back ordered item. The engineer reviews the design to assure the flawless functionality of the system and the technicians begin to assemble the rack and its components and for larger projects an on site prewire may begin during this period. Once the head end is ready the system is programmed and tested. When initial testing is complete the system is ready for deployment.

The installation team brings the pretested system to the site and integrates it into
your facility. The system is then rigorously tested and the users are trained on the operation of the system.

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